About Us


Our team was born from the passion of three young freelancers who decided to give themselves a challenge: to become the best wedding team in Italy. So The Dream Lab was born, a company that organizes and plans classic Italian weddings all across the country. We decided to invest in ourselves, in our passion for Italian beauty, to become a team that people can trust during the most important day of their lives.We have celebrated more than 100 weddings across Italy in the last three years, traveling from castles located in the wonderful Italian hills to the Italian Riviera, from Tuscany to Rome.

Then, one night, we welcomed Alessandro coming back from the U.S. after almost a couple of years. We were all enjoying some Lambrusco and Prosciutto, then Alessandro said that there’s no better feeling than showing other people your town, your country. The rest of the crew agreed. We all had that feeling in common. We all love to show foreigners what Italy is all about. That day, we started TDL Events.

Our mission is to blend our core values (Italian beauty, trust, professionalism) into every single wedding we organize, whether is Italy or in Europe, bringing our unique Italian Style to create world-class Weddings and Events. We don’t know whether we’ll become among the best wedding team, but we strive to become the only wedding team people can trust when getting married in Italy.



“Being a wedding planner isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life”. Antonella doesn’t think that just anyone can be a wedding planner. It takes a combination of passion, patience, art, and dreams. With a love of beauty and vast experience in the wedding world, she designs tailor-made solutions for demanding customers. Her passion for fashion, design, and flowers, along with her background as a graphic designer, all contribute to the organization of an amazing wedding. She is also the co-founder of The Dream Lab, the Italian wedding agency where the idea of TDL Events was conceived.



My role at TDL Events is that of capturing the essence of the client’s vision and translate it into a tangible reality.
My passion is being the instrument that they breathe their dreams into and that converts it all into an unforgettable experience. There’s a certain magic in being the liaison between the couple’s vision to the creator of the final production. My love for my Country, Italy, and the pursuit of beauty in every single thing that surrounds me, as is my inner most valuable trait of empathizing with people and being trustworthy, make me a valuable asset to your wedding event in Italy.



As Robert Heinecken said, “there’s a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph”. It is always hard for myself to explain why I decided to be a photographer. But there’s no explanation: I just decided to do it, because taking pictures it’s just what I love the most. I have always been fascinated by photography, that’s why I like Heinecken’s quote.  Taking a photograph means “to create, to think, to be passionate like the first time you do it”. That’s why I love this job. Because every time I take a picture, I feel like it is the first time you do something great, and this sensation, this feeling, comes up everytime I take a photograph at a wedding. It is quite a great responsibility to take photographs at a wedding, at a couple’s most important day of their lives. Every single “thank you” I receive, every single smile I see, well, that is the proof the I choose the best job in the world.



With more than 90 wedding movies produced in the last three years, I love to create videos in which emotions are the only elements that create the plot. I am deeply passionate about capturing special moments while being a musician helps me to understand the role of the sound that accompany every single video frame. These are the characteristics that I blend while using my reflex at every events, at every wedding. I believe this is the best job in the world because I love to make feel people happy: it is impossible to describe the moment in which I see a couple getting married through my lens, or when their emotions run very high when I deliver them their wedding trailer.


TDL Events was established with the idea of creating a global company that could satisfy the high demand for classy and custom-made weddings and events in Italy. After our success in the Italian market with TDL Italia, we are offering our customers and their guests the opportunity to carefully plan and organize an unforgettable day in our beloved country. We are committed to creating a personalized event based on our customer’s dreams. We carefully focus on every single detail to create a memorable day, where the exclusivity of the Italian atmosphere and the magic that surrounds a wedding blend together perfectly. Our team is formed by Italian specialists who can transform your ideas into a real, unforgettable moment.


To make your wedding truly memorable we offer a wedding planning service built on your needs. We create a coordinated study of all of yours ceremony’s steps, of every detail of the event and every service you choose. We will plan your stay and stay of your guests, advising the activities that you will able to do during the holiday period.
We will coordinate you during the whole day of the event, we will be present and will check all the events.
You will have the certainty to not have surprise because we will plan together costs incurred following your idea of the budget.