The Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding | La Opinion | 20 May 2017

The Advantages of Having a Destination Wedding | La Opinion | 20 May 2017

Planning a destination wedding can be easier and less expensive than a local wedding. This is ensured by wedding coordinator Patricia Sturla, based in Los Angeles.
“These are two of the great advantages of this type of wedding, which in recent years has become a trend,” said the coordinator, who is also an expert in lifestyle, fashion and beauty.
According to Sturla these are the other advantages that this type of celebration has:

1. You live a magical experience
“Traveling to your favorite country with a small group of friends and family and enjoying an intimate wedding in a unique and unforgettable setting is a magical experience,” says the expert.
“That’s what a wedding destination is, because it creates an environment that cannot be duplicated in a local surrounding.”

2. Reduces the stress for the bride
Planning a wedding is stressful, particularly for brides that require everything to turn out perfect.
But in this type of wedding all that stress is reduced “by leaving everything in the hands of a wedding coordinator” and fully trust that he or she will be logistically organized during the selection of the venue and ceremony. A coordinator performs under the directions and wishes of the couple.

3. It is easier to plan
Sturla says that “a destination wedding is much easier to plan than a local wedding because of the reduced amount of guests equaling fewer responsibilities.
4. Making memories with close family and friends
Instead of having a reception party with 100 to 200 guests in which one barely has time to converse or exchange a few words, a destination wedding will bring together: parents, siblings, cousins and friends who will do everything possible to make the time to travel to the place selected by the couple. In other words, they will have a more intimate wedding, where close friends and loved ones will be there.

5. A Unique Wedding
In this type of wedding, the coordinator creates a dream wedding ‘à la carte’. Meaning that a tailor made wedding captures the taste of the bride and groom, selects every detail as their taste
dictates. “As a result they will have a unique and original wedding that will not look like any other,” says Patricia Sturla (
It will be original, and consider that, annually less than 25% of engaged couples in the United States select a destination wedding., it will definitely be unique.

6. It may be more affordable than a local wedding
What is often invested in a local luxury wedding, with a good number of guests, can equal the same monetary investment of a destination wedding and, in many cases, even less.
This is because the expense that goes into a destination wedding usually covers the ceremony, reception and honeymoon.
“Most hotels in cities around the world offer all-inclusive packages for these type of nuptials, from the welcoming of the bride and groom to the guests entertainment during their stay,” Sturla says.
We also create economic packages for the stay of the future spouses and guests, and create exemplary packages for the ceremony and reception. “This saves and facilitates the organization”.
The saving is even more remarkable since the destination wedding location usually becomes the honeymoon, leaving extra money for the bride and grooms to enjoy. “The bride and groom will not
have to make another trip, only extend their stay to enjoy the place,” says the expert. “And the experience will be unique and economical because hotels have packages for tour guides, both for the bride and groom and for their guests.”

7. A spectacular album for the memories
There are countries that have natural settings such as lakes, vineyards, beaches with a marvelous sea or castles that transport to centuries back and allow capturing every moment of the celebration for a perfect backdrop for the wedding photos. “The photo album and video will be unique. It will not look like other couples who have married in the city where they live, “says Sturla.

8. A dream is fulfilled
Select a destination location for a wedding or a vow renewal to make that dream a reality, and say “I DO” in that special city of the world that you’ve always dreamed of.
Some of the favorite locations worldwide:
• The most central and tourist cities, as well as the lesser known but very characteristic of Italy.
• The beautiful settings of Spain and the most romantic places of Paris, France.
• The characteristic beaches of Mexico, such as the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.
• The extensive beaches of Hawaii, Bali, Jamaica, India and, of course, Puerto Rico.
• The historic cities and colonies of Colombia, such as Cartagena, Barichara and Villa de Leyva.
• Costa Rica and Guatemala are two favorite destinations in Central America.

Preferred months
May, June, July and August are the most selected months for these types of weddings, since they give the ideal climate.

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